Five Reasons to Choose Nursing at Baptist Health Inspired by Sheri Nelson

Sheri Nelson has been a part of the Baptist Health nursing team since 1996. She shares with us five reasons to choose a career in nursing and why Baptist Health is the optimal place to build your career.

Sheri started at Baptist Health with a diploma in nursing and today has a Bachelor’s in Nursing and is certificated as an RN III. Sheri is a member of the systems policy committee and the Regional RN III Committee. To learn more about her journey, read more here (add hyperlink to first story).

Below, are the five reasons she she’s blessed to be a part of our Baptist Health family and why she feels you should choose Baptist Health today:

  1. Career Flexibility

When you choose a career in nursing, you’re opening yourself up to a world of opportunity and flexibility. With a nursing degree, you have the option to work in schools, hospitals, family clinics and more.  It’s a diverse career and perfect for someone who wants lateral growth and flexibility in their career choice.  When you choose a career in nursing at Baptist Health, you’ll have access to many career development tools such as nurse educators, development workshops and classes. You’ll also be a part of a large health care system that provides support, amazing patient experience, and community involvement.

  1. Our Faith-Based Environment

Baptist Health has an excellent reputation in the community of Central Arkansas, and we offer Christian-based medical care. We believe in providing an atmosphere of healing, compassion, and faith in the best outcomes. By creating an atmosphere that is positive, uplifting and encouraging, we’re taking the healing process to the next level. When you’re at Baptist Health, you know you’re never far away from someone who is willing to pray with you to help you through.

  1. The Learning Opportunities

Our nurses have the opportunity to attend a variety of classes to learn more about their profession. Baptist Health has nurse educators to help set up the educational opportunities for those who are interested. These are a great free resource to help expand your nursing knowledge base.

  1. The Team Environment

Nurses at Baptist Health are more like a second family. You’ll work with people who love what they do and their coworkers. Most departments at Baptist Health are tight-knit, especially if you work in a smaller facility. Often, you’ll find that coworkers celebrate special occasions together, go to sporting events together, and even vacation together. Baptist Health is one big family, always with our arms wide open.

  1. Supportive Leaders

The leadership at Baptist Health demonstrates that they care by supporting their teams in whatever ways they can. You’ll typically see the leads working alongside their staff, working to help train a new hire, or finding ways to help improve processes. The leaders at Baptist Health are also the cheerleaders of the team. Whether they are there with encouraging words, an ear to listen or a word of advice, the leaders at Baptist Health lead by example and with compassion.

As Arkansas’ leader in healthcare, Baptist Health is the perfect place to start your career in nursing or to advance you into a leadership role. If you’re looking for flexibility, faith, professional development, friends that become family, and leaders that care, our nursing team is where you should start. Apply today for the chance to become part of the best group of nurses in Arkansas.


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