Leading in the Laboratory with Debra Thrasher Part Two

Debra Thrasher is a Medical Laboratory Scientist at our Baptist Health facility in North Little Rock. Though Debra doesn’t work directly with patients, her leadership role is vital in making sure the laboratory runs smoothly, and that her team can manage the workflow.

We sat down with Debra to get her perspective on the ways that Baptist Health cares for the community, our leaders, and the ways that we’re making a difference in Arkansas.

What are some of the ways you’ve connected with the community of Arkansas as a leader at Baptist Health?

As leaders, we do a big push for involvement when it comes to community initiatives at Baptist Health. Recently, we participated in a drive for a daycare by bringing toys, bouncers, and supplies to the daycare. We also do blood drives semi-annually and wellness check at the local mall.

As a department, we try to find some way we can give back to the community every quarter. Personally, I just got involved with the Stroke Committee. We recently became stroke certified at this facility, so we’re going out and handing out information to people in the community to help raise awareness regarding strokes and the symptoms of a stroke. Arkansas, unfortunately, is one of the top states for stroke-related deaths in the country.  Baptist Health is working on changing that through continuous education.

Why do you think we’re the leader in healthcare in Arkansas?

Baptist Health is everywhere. We have nine hospitals and hundreds of specialty clinics throughout the state. We were the first hospital to do a heart transplant in the state, and our technology and robotics software is fantastic. Our job is to meet people where they are and so we set up access points throughout the state to extend our reach into rural areas. It’s about being diverse and reaching out to as many people as we can. The other side of that is  providing education and not just care. We want to empower people to make better choices for them and their families. So, by sharing our knowledge, we’re not only providing care for those who need it, but taking preventative measures as well.

As an employee, how does Baptist Health take care of you?

There are benefits here for pretty much everything. The cost is excellent for us as employees, in fact, better than any I’ve ever had before. We have your normal health, dental, and vision insurance, but they offer us so much more like life, pet, auto, and home insurance. As an employee here, you get one times your annual salary accidental death and dismemberment insurance which offers peace of mind. If you go to a Baptist Health facility, you and your family get a steep discount which is excellent as well. Baptist Health shows they care by giving us add-ons like these for a better quality of life.

Where do you see yourself going with us in the future?

Having just completed my master’s degree in management and leadership, I hope to one day be the Laboratory Manager. In my current role, I work very closely with our current Laboratory Manager and have been able to learn so much from her. I hope she stays with us for a very long time because she’s so amazing but when she’s ready to retire, it would be an honor to be her successor.

Allied health is such an essential part of what we do at Baptist Health. People like Debra Thrasher make us successful in our mission to care for patients and finding solutions be a leader in our community. Visit our Allied Health page on our career site to see our available positions and to apply today!

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