Leading an EPIC Team in Information Technology featuring Gerald Raymond

Gerald Raymond has been a part of Baptist Health’s Information Technology team since 2000. Over the years, he has felt supported and we have made sure to emphasize that no matter what role you’re in at Baptist Health, we truly value each member of our staff and recognize the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

At Baptist Health we understand that many other roles are needed for a hospital to function well. Ensuring proper patient care goes beyond nurses and physicians, and includes roles like mechanics, facilities operators, and information technology professionals.

For the last 18 years, Gerald has been a key player in our pursuit to continually recognize that, as the Clinical Project Leader for Information Services. We sat down to get his take on how he runs an EPIC Team.

Tell us about the projects you support on a daily basis.

“I help support the Epic Emergency Room Module called ASAP, I help support the Epic Radiology Module called Radiant, and I help support the Systems Picture Archiving Communication System PACS (digital x-rays)” he adds, “and probably a dozen other things.”

Even though you may not interface with patients, what does it mean to you to know that’s the end goal of your work?

“My kids always ask me what I do, and my easiest response is this,

‘I make other peoples’ jobs easier.’

so in relation to patient interaction, what we do helps the end users HELP the patients.”

What is a project you’ve worked on that has been impactful and cutting edge?

“I’ve actually worked on several.

 The PACS has been groundbreaking along with a front-end voice recognition tool called Powerscribe 360. This has reduced the rad results by 10 fold.

Oh, and obviously Epic continues to pave the way.”

 How is medical IT different than traditional IT and what do you like about the niche field?

“It’s unlike making your Phone, TV, or microwave better, stronger, faster.

 We are helping people…”

Why should other IT professionals pursue a career at Baptist Health?

“I say this all the time:

 Baptist Health is 80+ years old and we have had only three CEO Presidents. I think that demonstrates commitment, loyalty, and stability.

If you are going to work in the medical field in Arkansas, wouldn’t you want to work at  the best?”

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