Leading Nurses in the Mission of Baptist Health

Michele Diedrich is the Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Care Services for Little Rock. Michelle has been with Baptist Health for a little under a year. Though fairly new at Baptist Health, Michelle is a native to Arkansas and has always been familiar with Baptist’s work in her community.

We sat down with Michelle to talk about what she enjoys about being a part of the Baptist Health organization and why you should apply today.

We are inspired by care, driven by compassion.

I’m inspired by the opportunity to make a difference in our patients’ lives and the lives of our nurses as well. As nurses, our compassion and caring for one another is important, especially when it comes to translating that into compassionate patient care.

We believe the Baptist Health mission is important.

Our mission is to provide quality care to our patients and to demonstrate Christian Compassion to everyone. As a leader, I contribute to our mission by leading a team that uses evidence-based practices and cutting edge care to help our patients every day. I love that we are a faith-based organization; we can pray with each other and our patients and provide support beyond physical care. This is especially important to me as a native to Arkansas because I’ve had loved ones treated here at our Baptist Health facility. 

Our mission is beyond care.

As a leader you will have the opportunity to make a difference.

As the Chief Nursing Officer, my role is to remove barriers for our staff and ensure they have the tools and motivation necessary to provide the best care for our patients. I push my team to exceed expectations by making sure they are in the present moment and that I am leading by example.

As a Christian, I feel fortunate that I work for a faith-based organization that allows me to lead my team in a way that represents who I am and aligns with our mission. It’s important to support my team as a leader here at Baptist Health. For me, when I can help my team by equipping them with the tools they need to navigate complex challenges, I feel I am doing my part in the overall mission.

We’re proud to have Michele leading at Baptist Health. She is dedicated to furthering the mission of healing throughout the Arkansas community and works diligently to ensure our nursing staff is prepared to be successful and excel in their careers.

Join the Baptist Health Nursing team today and experience the amazing opportunities for growth and the leadership guidance that will help you both professionally and personally.

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