Making an Impact Though Supporting Our Staff

At Baptist Health we’re changing the lives of patients every day. Behind the scenes, however, are a group of people who are dedicated to making sure our staff has everything they need to be successful and to serve our patients.

Tara Crouch has been with Baptist Health since 2006 and has worked in a few different non-clinical positions. Starting out in Accounting as a Book Keeper, Tara’s hard worked helped her transition into other roles in payroll and eventually into our Human Resources Department. Today, Tara is the Senior ERP Analyst for the Human Resources Department in Little Rock. We sat down with her to get a better understanding of why she enjoys working here at Baptist Health and how she makes an impact in her role. 

How do you see your role fitting into the overall operations of the hospital?

In Human Resources, it’s important to take care of our people so they can take care of our patients. From payroll to benefits, compensation, and wellness, we want to make sure our employees’ needs are met.

What stands out to you when you work with our leadership team?

I work a lot with the Baptist Health leadership team on a daily basis. I often hear things like “I appreciate you,” and “Thank you for doing that.” Baptist Health really goes out of their way to show us that we’re appreciated, even for the little things.

What is it like being part of a faith-based organization?

I love that our leadership encourages us to be better Christians and share our faith with the people around us. It means a lot that we can start a meeting with a prayer and reference scripture when giving encouragements in our meetings and huddles.

What’s the main reaction you receive when you tell people you work at Baptist Health?

Typically, when people ask me where I work, and I tell them Baptist Health, the next question is am I a nurse. From there, they’ll ask if I know so-and- so. Even though Baptist Health is a large organization, it’s a close-knit family environment, and often times you’ll have mutual acquaintances.

Why are you proud to work at Baptist Health? 

I’m proud to work at Baptist Health. I know that our employees are out there on the floor making a difference and even though I’m not out there saving lives, I hope I’m doing a great job supporting those that are. I love my job, and in the Human Resources Department, we have a great team. I personally work heavily with our Payroll Department and every two weeks, I get a sense of accomplishment knowing that we were able to deliver the paychecks to our hardworking staff and to know in some way I’m contributing to their livelihood.

Our non-clinical support is an important part of our success here at Baptist Health. As Tara shared, making an impact at Baptist Health doesn’t have to come from just nurses and other clinical professionals but through a special set of skills, dedication, and compassion, you too can change lives in central Arkansas for the better.

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