A Place of Change

Susan Bullington joined the Baptist Health team as a pharmacy student in 1981. Over the years, she’s been able to see not only her career grow and change, but Baptist Health as a whole evolve with time.

Technology development has been huge. From the pharmacy standpoint, we’ve gone automated. When I first arrived, we had to manually pull the tray of meds for every patient every 24 hours. Now we have automated dispensing machines for every nursing unit and electronic medicals have been vital. Before I would wait for a faxed order but now everything is instant. I can look at all my patients’ orders or interactions at my computer instantly, and it’s a complete 180 from then to now.

And while our elite technical system deserves accolades, it’s dedicated employees like Susan that truly takes Baptist Health above and beyond.

After Susan graduated from pharmacy school, she worked in the Medical Center’s pharmacy for three years. She found that our culture perfectly supported the needs and career goals of new mothers.

It was an excellent place for me to work with my children because they had a fabulous daycare. My oldest son went to kindergarten in Baptist Health Daycare, and their hours were conducive to work at the hospital. After my daughter was born, an excellent opportunity came up in the neonatal department. We started taking care of a neonatal intensive care satellite, and I got to start that whole satellite on my own.

The neonatal division Susan worked with was able to adjust to every change in the times.

We started with neonatal parental nutrition and worked with a core group of people who specialized in designing custom care for these patients. Everything evolved so that we were able to care for infants that were born around 24 weeks of gestation, and it was a huge process to set up. We set up parental nutrition, all the IV med administration guidelines, unit dosing the oral medications, etc. That was my work from 1989 on.

They incorporated new tech into their routine and overcame new barriers, but the attitude of the employees never changed.

Baptist Health has always been very smart about staying afloat for what the changing needs of the time are. They have really gotten into clinics throughout the state and we recently acquired two more hospitals, so we’re not slowing down. They’ve been very smart about what they do.

And our employees are very smart about what they do. Clinical pharmacists like Susan are encouraged to participate in residencies (we have a “fabulous” residency program, in Susan’s own words). “If you’re looking to really be involved clinically as a pharmacist, then Baptist Health is the place to be,” Susan advised.

Being at Baptist Health means that you’re up for a challenge and are flexible enough to evolve. Times may change, but our goals stay the same: we want to provide the best quality care for the people of Arkansas. Visit our careers page to see if you can change with us.  

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