An Understanding Tone feat. Ericka Fricks

Ericka Fricks is known for the assurances she gives patients before they undergo procedures here at Baptist Health. At times calming and instructive, but above all else, honest.  “I’ve been through the process myself,” Ericka explained.

I’ve experienced some of the tests, so I have an insider’s perspective on how it’s going to feel. It can be intimidating to come into a new place, a new room, and have a big machine in front of you, but it’s nice to be able to say, “You’re going to be okay.”

Erika knows that confidently because she, herself, was treated at the very same Baptist Health hospital just a few years ago. Our dedication to compassionate care was what cemented her desire to work here. “I was really impressed with how they took care of their patients,” Ericka remembered. “I wanted to be part of the team.”

Fortunately, Ericka bounced back from her illness, and she followed her new spark of interest into what would become a blossoming career with Baptist Health. After completing the necessary schooling and work experience with X-rays at another hospital, Ericka found her way back through our doors as our Registered CT Technician in 2016.

I wanted to have a more hands-on experience with patients and be more personal with them. It’s not sitting behind a desk. I worked at a desk job before, and I didn’t get any interactions with patients, and I didn’t feel I was helping them as much as I am now.

There are many different ways our employees help patients. We provide top-notch facilities and equipment that can give them answers to their questions quickly; we can educate them about a plethora of healthcare topics; but most importantly, we can help you as the individual person you are. Ericka talks through the procedures with patients in a manner she knows the patient would appreciate, since she knows what it’s like in their shoes.

That part of the job is crucial to Ericka, but she also requires challenges to be excited about when she enters work. Baptist Health is a facility that has the opportunity to care for an abundance of ER patients, stroke victims, and trauma patients. It’s up to Ericka and her team to quickly assess what exactly that patient needs (an operation, immediate intervention, et cetera) and execute their plan to the highest degree.

“The link is very strong between us and the nurses and doctors at the ER,” Ericka noted. That strength is echoed in the managerial department, as well.

The managers really try to help us any way they can if we’re having a busy day. They do a good job. We’re a good team. Not even just my department, but with the ER and the floor staff as well. Everyone here is on the same page because we know the patient comes first. The managers I’ve come into contact with put their employees first, and they do what’s good for them to make it work.

If you are interested in a workplace that truly believes that the patients are the first priority, consider joining Baptist Health. Our career page runs up-to-date job postings that can take your life in an entirely new direction. Don’t you want to make that change for the better?

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