Have you met Lindsey?

Lindsey Mitchell has been in the Baptist Health family for nearly a decade now. Ever since she graduated from Baptist Health Services’ in December 2007, she knew she was in for a long partnership with our company.

I really started to love the hospital. I could tell it had a family atmosphere, and there was a great connection with the physicians, nurses—all the staff members. My love started to grow. After graduation I accepted my first nursing position at Baptist Health in North Little Rock. I worked at Northern Little Rock for two years, and then I transferred to Little Rock and helped set up the Conway hospital.

The Conway hospital was a new endeavor for both Baptist Health and Lindsey. She, along with the rest of the staff, was allowed the freedom to explore what they could do to make their location a better place for everyone in their area. Lindsey described how she was lucky enough to participate in the new project, saying,

It was a great experience. I was working in Little Rock temporarily, and I had accepted a job for Conway when they opened. They brought staff members over a few months before. I actually started this July and the hospital didn’t open until September. So we got to go into the Recovery Room and really help get everything needed. That was just the right experience, just thinking about things you don’t have, or what you would use every day, and making sure that it’s there.

All that preparation from Lindsey and her team helped us move toward making a more cohesive workplace. Lindsey has a few words of experienced advice for someone in a similar position:

Don’t take anything for granted. Something that you think will always be there might not be there, and it can make or break your performance in patient care.

Now that the Conway hospital is fully operational, we checked in with Lindsey to see what made her passionate about going back to work in this latest environment.

I really enjoy PACU. This part of the hospital is just my favorite. You get to balance patients with multiple levels of acuity. I love the variety. I enjoy being part of a patient’s care. When they first come into a Recovery Room, it’s a bit more of a critical stage, and as they wake up and progress, I’m able to help them improve and prepare them for discharge and to go home—it’s a unique experience. I’m able to take care of a patient that may be a little bit more critical, and then take care of a patient that is a little bit more awake and ready to go home. It’s nice to have a variety and being able to use multiple levels of skills.

And Lindsey shows no sign of resting on her laurels. “I’m currently working on my BSN,” she informed us.

Baptist has always encouraged me to pursue my Bachelor’s degree. I plan to graduate next May, and after that I can continue to stay at Baptist Health, and maybe continue my education. I can’t imagine working anywhere else . . . I have a lot to learn and want to continue to grow.

With her future bright and secure with Baptist Health, employees like Lindsey have the opportunity to do the very best job they can. And if, like Lindsey, you find your skills can be improved and your work setting enhanced, check out our open positions page to see if you can find a new fit.

As for Lindsey, you can see her in the Recovery Room of Conway’s hospital, where she is currently the Administrative RN III. But who knows where she will be in the future? She’s enjoyed her time with Baptist Health and hopes to become a permanent fixture here, but above all, she wants to be remembered as a “great nurse who gives compassionate care” and hopes “people have enjoyed working with me personally and professionally.”

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