Make Your Role Fit You at Baptist Health

Derek Williamson is Baptist Health’s resident problem-solver. Deep in the pharmacy at our Little Rock Medical Center, Derek is tinkering in his position as Pharmacy Automation Coordinator. In layman’s terms, Derek explains:

I maintain the systems we use on a daily basis. We just finished an update to the newest platform and, this year, I’ve been working on getting all the other hospitals upgraded to the newest hardware.

It can be a tricky role, balancing tech needs in a healthcare environment, but don’t fret! We help you transition from whatever your previous work experience was like and ease you into the fast-paced world of the medical field.

My previous experience was retail pharmacy, and there was so much more red tape. Every time you turned around, someone in the chain passed down new regulations without even knowing what it’s actually like to work in a pharmacy. Here, our supervisors work in our pharmacy, and they’ve worked in the retail pharmacy environment before, and that makes a big difference. If a change comes and it doesn’t make sense, they’re going to deal with it before it even gets to us.

Thankfully, we work a little differently here. Our managers know firsthand what it’s like to work in such a unique field, and they know exactly what it takes to make the department (and their employees) thrive.

It is completely different here. For example, I come from a very Christian background, so when one of our techs had a child pass away from an illness and my director said ‘Hey, let’s gather around and say a prayer for the family’, I knew I belonged at Baptist Health.

We try to provide a work place that makes everyone feel welcomed and cared for. “Everything we do is with Christian compassion, which is part of our mission statement. I fully believe we live by that,” Derek declares.

With the encouragement and warmth from a like-minded community, Derek is free to pursue the magnitude of his capabilities.

I’ve been able to move up the ladder here; I haven’t had the same title for more than a year and a half. I started as a Tech II, then moved up to a Tech III, then a Tech IV, then I began working with the Automation Technology for Little Rock before dealing with the other hospitals and this upgrade project. I’ve been able to increasingly do what I love with technology over the years that I’ve been here, and I truly was able to make it what fit me. There’s a lot of opportunity for that here. There’s a definitive ladder to fill a specific role if you want. The system is going to support you in that.

Support is a value that runs through everything we do at Baptist Health. Even if you have positions like Derek’s that can be largely solitary, there are ways we show our appreciation and let you know that you’re on the right track.

It’s a close-knit family here. We’ve got a good group of people. Our supervisors are the best supervisors I’ve ever worked for. They tell you what they expect from you, and you can trust them to be honest and reasonable. As long as you work with them, they’re your best friends.

If you have the go-getter attitude that we see in employees like Derek, we want to hear from you. The Baptist Health family is proud to introduce our two latest facilities in Fort Smith and Van Buren, but we may need help to smoothly transition them to our exemplary standards.

We’re upgrading another one of our systems. With the addition of two new hospitals, Fort Smith and Van Buren, we’re fixing to make some changes for them and get them on the same page. I’ve got several projects lined up already.

Are your fingers itching to get our automation up and running? Peruse our career page and see if you can find a compatible career with Christian values here at Baptist Health. 

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