Nursing Informatics Know-How

Samantha Monroe has worn quite a few hats during her time at Baptist Health. When she started her illustrious career with us 19 years ago, she never imagined that she would be where she is today.

Samantha attended nursing school at Baptist Health and was able to seamlessly transition as a Patient Care Technician after her graduation. The urge to grow and move up the ranks still called to her, so she went back to school and obtained an RN degree in 2002. Her degree made it possible for her to rise quickly from an RN I, to an RN II, and III, until suddenly she became a supervisor in 2009. Following yet another passion, Samantha moved over to the electronic information system team in 2010, and she’s looking to stay in this role for many more years to come.

Samantha and the rest of the Informatics team are located a little way from the hustle and bustle of the main Little Rock hospital. Their work may be remote, but the people she works with feel closer to her than ever.

The reason why I stayed here is because of the people. I call the entirety of Baptist Health the family outside of my family. Our missions and values, the Christian atmosphere, that’s what keeps me here.

That attitude was confirmed when Samantha herself was a patient at Baptist Health.

I was very ill and I had a NICU baby that was born at 3 pounds, so I experienced the women and children’s facility as a sick, post-partum mother. My baby was taken care of for a month here and that drove it home for me. I care for my patients but being in their shoes was a completely different view for me.

Naturally, her department didn’t always interact with the women and children’s realm before, but Samantha was awed by their devotion and kind-heartedness. “They really treated me how they would any of their other family members,” she professed.

As much as she enjoyed working face to face with patients like the women’s department did, Samantha found that her career was heading towards a different direction. She loved the world of nursing informatics, and we at Baptist Health were happy to work with her as her passion for the field grew.

It feels different to be working with Informatics. I miss the patients, but I still take care of patients in a different way. This role has been good for me. Since you’re offered so many kinds of nursing here, you can pursue what you want.

Samantha asserts that she was able to find exactly what she wanted out of her career with the guidance of Baptist Health. There are so many reasons to work with us, and Samantha couldn’t help but look back at her own experience:

The health benefits can’t really be beat. Tuition reimbursement has helped me further my education. I just feel loyal to this system because they’ve been good to me and all in all, I’ve been blessed with a great career. First as a bedside nurse, then a clinical leader and supervisor, and now an IT analyst. It’s given me a lot of variety.

With so much variety in a workplace, Baptist Health is truly the go-to spot for curious medical personnel in Arkansas. Visit our career page and join our distinguished team!

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