The Bond with Somer Mahmoud

We have a motto here at Baptist Health: “Keep on amazing!”  

Its meaning is twofold. We truly have amazing staff at all of our facilities, but working in health care also gives you an actual awe-inspiring sense of amazement for the work you do. 

Take Somer Mahmoud who has been a long-time Baptist Health enthusiast ever since her days as a surgical tech student in Baptist Health College Little Rock. With that link to our hospital, Somer was pleased to join several clinical rotations in the day surgery division, which led to her formal invitation to the Baptist Health family as a Surgical Tech.  

“I was told from the beginning that clinical rotations functioned as a live interview, and it was!” Somer shared with us. Rotations are a great way to see how our students will work in a live health care environment, and it was integral to both Somer’s learning process and our own. 

Somer enjoyed that same eagerness to learn and grow as soon as she walked into work.  

It is a great place to work, grow, and learn in the health care field. Baptist Health offers loan reimbursement, courses for continued education, and onthejob training. Day surgery also operates like an actual family. We are all team players who work hard and love our jobs. We love taking care of our patients!   

In her three years as a Surgical Tech, she’s had the opportunity to see what her department offers to our patients. Somer juggles upkeep responsibilities such as sterilizing equipment and gathering supplies for doctors, but she’s regularly touched by the work she provides with patient care:  

It is heartwarming to know that I have a hand in making the lives of other people better; I can go home knowing someone’s life has changed and I played a part in that. 


There is one wonderful encounter that is forever ingrained in Somer’s mind. She was able to do what our surgery team does best and help a family in need. A woman in labor needed a C-section, and it was up to Somer to help deliver the healthy baby – but it wasn’t a normal patient. The mother was actually a life-long friend of hers.   

It was a very special moment to me. I will never forget the opportunity to be a part of something so amazing. The bond of doing that for someone is a bond that can never be broken. 

In that aspect, we know all of our employees are exemplifying what it takes to be part of Baptist Health. It is sincerely amazing to be able to come to work every day and know you are putting good things out into the universe, but it’s also amazing to be able to do that alongside people with that spirit in their hearts.  

So to our present and future employees of Baptist Health, Keep on Amazing! We know there’s no other way for you to be.

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