The Personal Touch from a Resident Nurse

Tragedy is, undoubtedly, a near impossible task to endure. Having a health scare is one of the most stressful things that can affect you and your family. 

It happened to Brandy Davenport. Being a resident of Arkansas, she was familiar with Baptist Health and the great service we offer to our patients. She’d seen many of her family members go through the hospital doors with no problems, but it was different when her husband was the victim of a car accident and was transported directly to our facilities. 

“They saved his life,” she said.  

 He was airlifted to Baptist Health right after the accident. He spent about a month here. Seeing how good everybody was with him, how he overcame his injuries… that made me want to work in health care. Once I saw that, I wanted to work at Baptist Health. 

So, she did. We were thrilled when she joined our team in 2014. When she started out as a patient care technician, she had accrued health care experience in her position at a brain injury rehabilitation center, and it was clear that this was where she belonged. 

Times have changed. She’s now a Resident Nurse, but she still enjoys working with everyone here at Baptist Health. Her coworkers were a major source of support for her as she worked on her education while balancing her home and work life. 

My coworkers helped me when I was in nursing school, and I’ve learned so much from them. Also, Baptist Health’s education reimbursement program has definitely helped me go back to school and get my degree. The work environment is one of the reasons I work at Baptist specifically. I’ve made best friends by working here. These people have been great and have helped a lot. 

Today, Brandy is part of the next generation of helpful Baptist Health employees. When she’s asked what she does, she laughs, saying simply, “I take care of patients.” Whether it’s giving medication, monitoring vital signs, or even lending a sympathetic ear, our RNs are here to make it happen for our patients.  

Brandy hasn’t forgotten the amazing work our health care providers did for her husband all those years ago. The most gratifying part of her job is to see her patients heal from their injuries and go on to lead normal lives.  

There was one patient that we worked with for quite a while. He was an older man, who had a ruptured appendix and more than a few infections. I took care of him and was able to see him go from really sick to be able to go home, and it was great to see that change.  

 Brandy and her family’s lives have changed because of Baptist Health. Her husband has healed, her two-year-old son have two great parents, and she shares her medical knowledge with her weight-lifting friends when they’re in the gym.  

How can a career with Baptist Health change you? There’s only one way to find out: apply today!

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