The Values of our Information Systems Team at Baptist Health

Fresh off a Hawaiian vacation with her family, Jennifer Dickerson takes valuable time out of her schedule to sit down with us to discuss her journey at Baptist Health. It’s a long story; she’s been with us for nineteen years and counting, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

But let’s start at the beginning. Jennifer had experience with offices and businesses, but her healthcare career hadn’t taken off yet. She had a Business Administration degree that she treasured, but her most important asset was her friendship with a Physical Therapy Assistant in one of our facilities; that friend was the one who pointed Jennifer to our door.

She knew I was looking for a long-standing position, something that didn’t just pay the bills, and she recommended Baptist Health to me. I applied for what is now called Patient Financial Services, and I worked as an Account Rep before moving over to Information Systems.

She had been comfortable with the idea of the move to Baptist Health and, as an Arkansas resident, she was already familiar with our reputation. Now Jennifer has the inside look into what it takes to keep our offices running at the highest quality, especially in her current position as a System Analyst.

I help the business office with their billing package, so any issues that come up, I fix those. I also do file extraction for some of our outside vendors. I’ve really enjoyed working with Baptist Health. I always have a different experience and learn something new every day, so it makes my day interesting.

There are two tenets that Jennifer upholds in the Information Systems department: communication and understanding. Should a problem arise, like a coworker miscommunication or a vendor being unavailable, it’s up to amazing employees like Jennifer to work with their challenges and clearly state what is needed.

We constantly change our methods to get the best outcomes, and we’ve met a lot of great people through our outside communication channels.

But most importantly, you have to have that keen sense of empathy. “You have to be open to people and understand where they are coming from,” Jennifer advised.

You may speak different ‘languages of Baptist Health’, since they may see something different on their side, but figuring out how you can get on the same wavelength is important.

And on the whole, Jennifer and her team operate smoothly on their shared wavelength every day. Her teammates get along “perfectly,” and she has a solid support system of managers (new and old) that have championed her move to other positions.

With all that stability and encouragement, Jennifer is free to take her career to new levels. She is free to further develop her talents with one of our many certificate programs, and she’s able to spend her free time pursuing her own interests (she’s even preparing to chaperone her nephew’s first European trip this summer!).

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