The Benefits of Working with Benefits

Working in healthcare can be jarring and scary for non-medical personnel unaccustomed to the atmosphere, but there’s no need to fear. As is the case for being a Benefits Representative at Baptist Health; it is just another essential part of our comprehensive health plan. Although having a person’s wellbeing in your hands is daunting, it is doubly rewarding. The personal and professional satisfaction from such a career can be magnetic to some. 

 Leandra Tindle was certainly drawn to this position. After a history of working with third-party collections, she’d had more than her fair share of engaging with sensitive issues and a revolving door of new faces. She made the decisive move to health care almost six years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since.  

When I was hired, the person whose position I was supposed to fill decided to stay. However, since Baptist Health is the great place that it is, they didn’t let me go. I was working in an admissions-type role, but the department was a little different. They looked for another opportunity, and admission support came up the very same day. 

 Her position as a Benefit Rep gave her an in-depth look at our insurance and authorization procedures for the hospital setting. “I verify insurance for everybody that’s coming into the hospital, in-patient or out-patient. I make sure their insurance coverage is active and get authorizations for the procedures they’re coming in for,” she declares.  

Working with insurance and authorizations actually includes a welcome amount of face time with patients.  

We help the hospital as a whole because we’re the first contact with the patient. We help patients when they’re coming inwe definitely ease that process. We’re able to get them pre-registered before they even come in so they don’t have to deal with paperwork when they arriveWe also work to authorize procedures earlier so we don’t surprise them with unexpected out-of-pocket costs or a cancelled procedure they had already planned for. We cut out those extra steps and concerns and help patients every day. We try to make sure their experience with us is pleasant so that we can be a great first encounter to represent Baptist. 

Leandra is pleased to represent the hospital that’s helped her cultivate her career. We’re constantly expanding and changing our department to reflect the specific needs of our teams.  

Now the department has gotten bigger; we take care of every hospital here, so the roles have been simplified. Now, I deal with verifying the insurance and authorization information. I like being able to focus on one aspect at a time. You can pay more attention that way and there’s less room for error.  

Help yourself by visiting the career page and learning more about the admissions support team. As long as you abide by details and want to help, you have what it takes to work with admissions support at Baptist Health. “If we don’t get our part right, it can snowball and affect everyone after us,” Leandra notes. 

And if you’re out of state, don’t worry. Leandra made her career jump from St. Louis to Little Rock, and she’s experienced nothing but the most positive parts of culture shock: 

Arkansas is a little more laid back, which I like. Little Rock is a small town, but it has a big feel to it. I’ve run into friendly people and it’s been a positive change since I moved here. 

Run towards a bright career, not away. Apply to Baptist Health today!  



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