What It Means To Work For Baptist Health In The Community Of Little Rock

Vickie Bridges has been at Baptist Health in Little Rock since 2012. She started as a Benefits Representative I and now is a Benefits Representative III. Throughout her time at our organization, she has grown, learned, and felt the impact Baptist Health makes in our community. She has even been recognized as the Baptist 2017, “Best Champion”. With degree in Religious Study from Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock and now, her pursuing her Master’s online at Liberty University to be a Chaplin, she loves being able to work with an organization that shares the same faith driven mission as her. We sat down with her to discuss her journey of growth and the pride she gets from working under the Baptist Health name.

Can you share your journey to Baptist Health?

Prior to joining Baptist Health I was at another facility for 15 years. When I relocated to Little Rock, I had some friends tell me about the opportunities at Baptist Health. I said to myself, ‘I love the medical field and I love people, why not give it a shot?’ My friends encouraged me to learn more about Baptist Health, I fell in love with the energy, and that’s where my journey began. It started in 2012 and I haven’t missed a beat since.

How would you describe the relationship Baptist Health has with the community of Little Rock and Arkansas?

Baptist Health goes out and interacts with people in the community. We really create a sense of belonging. We also provide strength and unity for our community. The healing ministry that we are able to be a part of, and how we affect our patients inside and outside the hospital is amazing. We have health fairs that inform the community about our work so that they aren’t afraid to heal. We want people to think of us as a healing ministry, and they do.

Is there a sense of pride in working for Baptist Health?

When I tell people I work at Baptist they always say, ‘If you are there, that must be the place to retire from.’ People know that if I have stayed and I love it, that it must be a great place to work. Baptist Health doesn’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. Over the years, I have seen Baptist Health make an impact in Little Rock and beyond.

How does your role at Baptist Health help you feel more connected to your community?

Baptist Health has made me feel more connected to my community from a patient and teammate perspective. Working at Baptist Health has made me believe in the power of teamwork, not ‘I’ work. We have this thing called the huddle every morning where the team gets together and recognizes each other for work we’ve done.

I also feel more connected to the patient community even though I don’t face them directly. Just through hearing their voices and hearing them smiling through the phones makes me feel connected to them. I can’t tell you how good of a feeling it is to hear the patients tell me they are so thankful for Baptist Health.

If you are ready to be a part of the healing ministry at Baptist Health and give back to the community of Arkansas, apply today to join our team!

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