A Big Ole’ Family at Baptist Health

Meagan Mann is a Patient Representative Scheduler and has proudly worked with us for the last five years. She is the first to point out that before her arrival at Baptist Health, she worked with a cellular provider, and was worried about changing fields so drastically. 

But we at Baptist Health know that if you’re applying with us, you’re applying to help people every single day, and that’s what’s most important. We saw Meagan’s skills and compassion, and we brought her on board at our Little Rock location without a moment’s hesitation.  

“My advice,” Meagan suggested, “is not to worry about your experience.” 

You may not have experience with health care or another aspect of the job, but they’ll train you and work with you. Just because you may not have a medical background doesn’t mean Baptist Health doesn’t want to work with you.  

Time and career decisions took Meagan to North Little Rock, where she happily helps countless patients in the Springhill Baptist Health Center, but she regularly keeps in contact with her friends at other Baptist Health locations.  

“I love our work atmosphere,” Meagan shared. “Our boss is amazing; she’s very understanding. It’s like one big ole’ family over here.” 

Whether it’s going all out for a Christmas party or organizing potlucks, our Patient Representative Schedulers have a way of making their office a home for everyone who walks in the door, including our wonderful patients. 

Just yesterday we had a patient—he was an older gentleman, and he had to walk to get to his appointment. He was concerned about being late, so I went and called the department and admission site he was seeing and told them about his problem. I let them know to extend the time and that even though he was late, he was still coming. He was happy that we still took the extra time to work with his needs and get him seen by the doctor after all.  

We treat our patients like family, because that’s what we all are. We are all neighbors and friends, not just among our colleagues, but with our patients. Meagan acknowledges this, saying, “It’s just how Baptist Health treats their patients that sets them apart from other places.” 

 I’ve actually been a patient—I’ve had two of my children here and seeing how they are with their patients made me want to become part of it. It’s a great company to work for because you can start anywhere and work your way up through the company. 

Are you interested in officially joining the Baptist Health family? Browse our open positions and apply today. And we promise, no matter where you end up, you’ll always be part of our big ole’ family!  

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