Precepting with the Pharmacy and Kevin Yarbrough

Kevin Yarbrough is one of our fantastic leaders who illustrates what we look for in our employeesAs a Clinical Pharmacist, he is striving to set up Baptist Health up for an incredible future by teaching the pharmacists of tomorrow.  

We call this technique “Precepting.” What that process really means is broken down in a few different factors and mentors like Kevin work to help both students and residents in his specialized field: the world of infectious diseases. He teaches classes about antibiotics, he shows his daily routine to these fresh faces, and above all else, he upholds our values as a Baptist Health employee and “Keeps on Amazing!” 

For his students, Kevin tailors his precepting to reflect the beginning of their pharmacy journey. “We build on roles they already have as a student,” he divulged just last week. “We allow them to experiment and stretch their expertise as they take on new responsibilities every day.”  

For residents, the precepting is more involved. Residents spend a year at our facilities, where they undergo a four- to six-week program that specialize in different areas of medicine. When infectious disease rotation is underway, there’s no better preceptor than Kevin!  

We go over specific disease states and take a deeper look into infectious diseases than what they learned at school, and how to affect antibiotic usage in the hospital. 

Naturally, it’s important for our students and residents to learn as much as they can before they start moving up in our pharmacy department. Kevin takes his duties very seriously and makes sure that each student is learning to the best of their ability so that our future patients are taken care of in the same excellent Baptist Health way. 

I like to see that my students are engaged in the importance of antibiotic stewardship. It’s a very important role for a hospital pharmacist, limiting antibiotic use, and it’s important for them to take on that challenge before moving on with their careers. With my residents specifically, they are practicing pharmacists, so they have to take on the more challenging patients and problems and interact with physicians to get things done for that person. Having them succeed is my ultimate goal as a Preceptor.  

To Kevin, it’s easy to show the next generation of Baptist Health employees everything we have to offer: 

As a Baptist Health hospital pharmacist, we are allowed to practice at the top of our profession. There are lots of opportunities for practicing different types of pharmacy. We have a critical care specialist, an infectious disease specialist, and cardiology specialists, all within the pharmacy. Our physicians have a great level of trust with our pharmacists, and we have a really great working relationship with them. 

Start your working relationship with our pharmacy department and apply today! With great leaders like Kevin, we’ll be able to guide you every step of the way.  

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