Finding a Baptist Health Balance in IS

Finding a job that fits with your needs and schedule can be tricky, but at Baptist Health, we make it easy for you. 

“I was a lucky one,” said Brian Fellone in a conversation last Monday 

Four years ago, Brian left his previous world behind when he joined our IS department as a Hospital Billing Claims Analyst. The job was a little different than what he was used to in the past (“I was more hardware focused before, and now I do the software configuration side of life,” he quipped), but the change was well worth it. 

It’s very structured here, especially the IS department. I get to lean on teammates not only from my group, but other groups as well. That structured mentality helps everyone get through things a little better. You know where you need to go, what route you need to take, and it takes stress off youThere’s a way better work-life balance here than a lot of other places. 

Like Brian said, the way we’re structured over here at Baptist Health is focused on building great teams. We let our people communicate what it is they need, and more importantly, how we can help. Its how Brian’s team has been succeeding: 

Currently, we are working on multiple projects at once. I want to say we have three to four pretty big projects that are due in the next few months, so we’re covering each other’s backs. If we know somebody’s going to be involved in a lot of meetings over the course of the day, or they’re on call, we watch the board and back them up so they’re not interrupted. 

When the topic of his teammates came up, Brian quickly became effusive. There’s only four people in his direct team, but it didn’t take long for them to develop a great bond that sees them through thick and thin.  

“We’re like siblings,” Brian shared. “We play off each other well. We have fun with it, it’s true.” 

Which raised the question for new hires: what’s an important quality to bring to the IS team? We all keep it light in the office, but how does technical know-how fit into their friendly space? 

Obviously, you need to have a little bit of a tech background but being able to rely on each other as a team is key to Baptist Health. Communication is very, very key. Some of us have been here longer than others and may know the end-users better, and all that helps get the job done and let you learn. 

So, for new hires who are looking to join an IS team with a personal touch, Brian has this final piece of advice for you: 

For the start of a career, go into it with an open mind and open eyes. If you’ve never worked in this field before, you may not have an opinion on something, but it’s important to learn. You have to be willing to put in the work. As far as coming to Baptist Health, as long as you have a positive attitude and you’re not afraid to speak up, you’ll do well.  

Find your own work-life balance by applying to Baptist Health today! Our teams can’t wait to meet you.  

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