Janet Noel’s ARN Journey

We pride ourselves for our employees’ long tenures with Baptist Health. Seeing so many amazing health care providers like Janet Noel stay for ten, twenty, thirty years is proof that … Read More

The Ideals of Lori Stocks, RN

Look outside. If the sun’s out, so is Lori Stocks, one of our fantastic RNs. She loves spending time with her husband and their pets, and enjoying the fantastic Arkansas weather whenever it comes … Read More

The Beauty of the Night Shift

Elizabeth Bradshaw has been an employee of Baptist Health for nearly five years, and she has been one of the many Clinical Pharmacists that are pleased to enter the hospital for the night shift.   … Read More

North Little Rock’s Amanda Baxter, RN

Amanda Baxter has been with us at Baptist Health since 2009. Since her arrival as a Certified Care Technician, she’s been striving to become better every single day. It wasn’t long … Read More