The Virtues of Our Values and David Barnes

“Ever since the beginning of my career with Baptist Health,” said David Barnes, LPN II, “I’ve known their values, and worked hard to be a part of that.” 

David originally joined our family 35 years ago and since then, our values haven’t changed. The major tenets of what makes Baptist Health great is our dedication to Christian compassion, our goodwill towards our communities, and the development of all our employees.  

“For me, being faith-based is a big part of what appeals to me,” said David.  

They encourage us to share the faith with patients. They’re going through the most difficult time, so they need something to show that we support them. It’s definitely a healing ministry here, and having that in a workplace is important to me. 

The goodwill towards our community is improved every day, whether it’s from our ongoing efforts for charitable causes or simply by providing a phenomenal service for our community in Arkansas. David and his team are highly involved in patient care, and they provide technical and emotional support to our patients.  

Much of David’s technical knowledge is a key indicator of how valuable we at Baptist Health find employee education and growth. David himself has participated in specialized courses like the client care project and refresher programs, but there is another aspect to our educational approach: our other team members. 

 “When I was transitioning from the nursery to my next phase, all those years ago, it was my manager who encouraged me to grow and create that great opportunity for me,” David recalled. 

She saw I had something else to offer, so I started working in the client care unit in Arkadelphia. It helped me to better understand the things I look at every day and get a good foundation for the rest of my career. I work in critical care now, but I still look back at what I learned in that course to help me care for our patients better. 

Now, David is able to pass on all the lessons and techniques he’s learned to everyone he interacts with in the hospital. Every time a new nurse or LPN looks confused, David is able to come in and share his knowledge to better treat our patients.  

I’ve had the opportunity to invest in my people, and I’ve enjoyed imparting what somebody else has shared with me with them. It’s a continuation of the knowledge from people that these new employees have never met, so the cycle is always going on.   

Be the next part of that cycle. See if there’s an open opportunity within Baptist Health in your area and apply now! 

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