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Baptist Health Nursing: Caring for Your Future

A career in nursing at Baptist Health offers the opportunity to make an impactful change in the lives of others, give back to your community, and love thy neighbor while working for your future. We care for our nurses so that they can focus on caring for others.

We offer All Our Best benefits because we understand that caring for our patients begins with caring for our staff. Our family focused health, life, dental, and retirement plans are an extension of our mission at Baptist Health: Improve the health status of our community.

Become a nurse with Baptist Health and start improving yourself and your future. Our continued education and residency programs ensure your passion is always rewarded. Read stories from our staff, learn more about us, and apply for a position to start caring for your future.

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*If you applied to Sparks Fort Smith, Van Buren, or any of the clinics after 10/12/2018, you will need to create a new ID and reapply

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Nurse Residency: Cultivating Motivated Talent

The Baptist Health RN Residency’s goal is to develop highly competent, emotionally healthy, engaged employees who practice professional nursing at its highest level and are committed to excellence and life-long learning.

Our curriculum, unlike other residency programs, includes hands-on, interactive, clinically-focused learning experiences. Professional development is also a focus, and we will assist Residents with creating a professional portfolio to utilize throughout their nursing career.

  • Innovative, Flexible Scheduling Options

    Self-scheduling allows you to take control of your residency

  • Clinical Focus for Increased Competency

    Set yourself up for success with hands-on experience

  • Smaller Class Size for Focused Instruction

    Get the full attention of your teachers to improve your learning

  • Flexible Program Entry Points

    Start as soon as you can with year-round admissions

"Beloved, I pray that all may go well

with you and that you may be in good

health, as it goes well with your soul."

- 3 John 2

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